Doss Man Soap

Premium Handmade Soap for men. Because our skin deserves Love too. 

We are a natural handmade soap company for men. Our mission is to provide men and young boys with the best natural soap to take care of their skin. And other manly topics.

We use the cold process method to make small batches of vegan, and goat milk soaps. We also heavily scent them with masculine fragrances. Our mission is to educate men and young boys on how to best care for their skin in a more natural, less toxic, more earth friendly way.

Doss Man Soap is both vegan and non-vegan handmade soap. For the man who cares about his appearance no matter where he's going. Doss Man Soap is a high quality natural handmade soap alternative to the commercial soaps that are full of extra chemicals you don't need.

Doss Man Soap products will upgrade your shower experience. Our soaps  are powerful yet gently clean. We also heavily fragrance our soaps to appeal to a more masculine audience. Doss Man Soap soaps are better because of the organic butters, and toxin reducing clay's, and charcoals we use to give you the best shower you've had so far. 

Our premium Soaps give a thick, luscious lather and some of our bars are exfoliating as well. Our soaps contain glycerin which helps in retaining moisture. 

Keep your skin healthy, & smelling good.

Our premium Soaps give a thick, luscious lather as they gently wash your day away.


• Olive Oil• Soybean Oil• Coconut Oil• Corn Oil• sunflower Oil• Organic Shea Butter• Water• Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

• *Fragrance• *Sea Salt• *Juniper Berries• *Ground Oatmeal• *Activated Charcoal

If you suffer with dry skin our premium handmade soap can help.

Your skin not only protects your insides but it also is home to a diverse environment of microorganisms. That live with you and help you stay healthy. Help, them stay healthy with Doss Man Soap.

We're Just Better!